At Kinlochs and Son Ltd we deliver a reliable and professional air-conditioning and refrigeration service for commercial and domestic uses. We are based around the area of Rochester so fulfilling air conditioning installations in Bromley is a very easy task for us to undertake. We hold a lot of customers in the Bromley area and as a local business, it is vital to us to be a part of the local community that we provide our excellent service for. Kinlochs and Son Ltd know how to deliver wonderful customer service alongside premium quality products that always please our customers. We sell and install a varied selection of different products; we understand that no two places will be identical, thus, we hold the ability for our customers to choose the right equipment for what they need. If that means a silent air conditioning unit or a fresh and sleek unit that slots into your ceiling and with the illusion that it’s not there, then we have it all.


Domestic Air conditioning in Bromley

Domestic Air Conditioning (AC) is a very important addition to any home. Very many people will underestimate how important an air conditioning unit is in a house. At Kinlochs and Son Ltd we provide the best quality AC units to our clients to help boost their quality of living. When selecting a product from us, we promise to make it a smooth and quick process, our units also come with warranties of up to and over 10 years guaranteed.

We understand the need for a team of local, highly-trained professionals to be on call to help you with air conditioning in Bromley and ensure we are there to help you. Air conditioning has a number of advantages for your house, such as, the reduction of odours in the house, therefore, leading to a better quality of air in the home. It has also been scientifically shown to lower the rate of animal-related allergies. Keeping air fresh in your house is even more important given the current climate, there has never been a better time than now to install air conditioning in Bromley. Our collection of stylish and quality AC units can give you exactly what you require to help you do this.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

Installing Commercial Air Conditioning in Bromley is just another big part of what we do at KSL. Our objective is to meet all of your specific demands. So, if your business is in need of a unique kind of air-conditioning unit in Bromley, we can accommodate it. One of the most popular types of air conditioning units in Bromley is units disguised into both walls and ceilings. Meaning your building interior will not be affected whilst also benefiting from the advantages of our units.

At KSL we ensure that every single unit sold by us is the best possible quality. Everything we install comes with a guarantee and if anything requires maintenance then our qualified local engineers will be on hand to help. Our flexible schedule lets us to work around your schedule, so we don’t interrupt your day. We think all businesses in Bromley should have an air conditioning unit as they can provide incredible results. Simply get in contact with us and we can provide you with more information on our air-conditioning units in Bromley.

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Commercial Refrigeration Services Bromley

Is your business in need of a commercial refrigeration installation in Bromley? Kinlochs and Son Ltd handle many businesses and industries. We can fulfil your refrigeration requirements with our range units including under counter fridge freezers, drinks display fridge, glass display fridge and large catering fridges.

So if you are on the hunt for restaurant fridges in Bromley or industrial fridges in Bromley we can supply you with a top quality unit to meet your needs. We have a large amount of experience in commercial refrigeration installation, so you can trust us to make sure that your food and drinks always stay cool.

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Commercial Refrigerator Repairs Bromley

We are also just as experienced in commercial fridge repairs in Bromley. We understand that a faulty fridge can be an emergency for many businesses, so we will mend your broken fridge in Bromley as quickly as possible.

Our knowledge in industrial fridge repairs is wide, from walk-in fridge repairs in Bromley to cold room maintenance, we can help you. We fix commercial fridges quickly so your business keeps running smoothly.

Commercial freezer maintenance in Bromley is another area of Kinlochs and Son Ltd’s expertise. We know there is very little time to waste when an industrial fridge is broken in Bromley, so you can trust us to work as quickly and professionally as possible.

Our expertise in commercial refrigeration repair in Bromley means that your fridge repair or warehouse refrigerator repairs in Bromley will be in our trustworthy hands with our knowledgeable team.

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