At Kinlochs and Son Ltd we provide an innovative and reliable air-conditioning and refrigeration service for both commercial and domestic customers. From our main base in Rochester we are able to provide our excellent services to clients based in Ashford and the surrounding areas.

If you are in need of air conditioning in Ashford then specialists Kinlochs and Son can provide you with an exceptional level of customer service alongside our range of top quality products. We sell and fit a wide variety of different products; we know that no two places require the exact same unit, therefore, we have the capabilities to allow our clients to choose the piece of equipment that is best suited to their needs.

Whether that means installing a silent air conditioning unit in your office, or fitting your home with an elegant and sleek unit that fits in your ceiling and you won’t even notice it’s there, we have it all for you.


Domestic Air Conditioning Units in Ashford

Domestic Air conditioning (AC) is becoming an increasingly common feature of homes in the modern world. Yet, many homeowners still underestimate how important a properly functioning air conditioning unit is in their domestic space.

Here at KSL we provide our customers with top quality air conditioning products with the simple aim of improving their living quality. We have greatly simplified the buying process, and our products can come with warranties with up to and over 10 years.

We know how much our customers like to feel they are constantly protected which is why we have a dedicated team of locally trained professionals on hand to always help you with air conditioning in Ashford and ensure every need you have is met.

Air conditioning can improve your home for many reasons, such as, reducing household odours thereby creating a better quality of air. Additionally, domestic air conditioning can reduce exposure to animal-related allergens. The current COVID-19 situation means that fresh indoor air has never been more important, and there has never been a better time to install a domestic air conditioning unit than right now.

As we all are spending much more time at home it is vitally important to keep your home as hygienic and as safe as possible. Choose from our wide range of modern and effective AC solutions that can provide you with exactly what you need to help your house stay clean.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Systems in Ashford

Fitting Commercial Air Conditioning in Ashford is another cornerstone of the excellent service we provide at KSL. Our objective is for us to try and meet every specific need that our clients might demand. So, if your business requires a unique style of air-conditioning unit, we can accommodate your needs.

One of our best-selling designs for air conditioning in Ashford is when we disguise the AC unit into walls and ceilings. This means your building can retain its stylish design whilst also having the fantastic advantages of our units.

At KSL we make sure that every unit that we sell is of the highest quality. Everything we install comes with a guarantee and if anything requires checking or maintenance then our expertly qualified local engineers are on hand to help. We work on a flexible schedule which means we can work at a time that is best for you, so that we don’t have to disturb your day to come and fit the unit. We believe all businesses in Ashford should enjoy the benefits that air conditioning units provide. Please get in contact with our team and we can give you more detailed information on our air-conditioning units in Ashford.

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Commercial Refrigerator Services in Ashford

KSL provides commercial refrigeration services in Ashford for a wide variety of businesses and industries. We will meet your refrigeration requirements such as under counter fridge freezers, glass display fridges, drinks display fridge or walk-in catering fridges.

If you require restaurant refrigerators in Ashford or industrial refrigerators in the South East we can supply you with a quality system to meet your requirements. We have a huge amount of experience in commercial refrigeration installation, so let us provide you with a reliable refrigerator to ensure that your food or drinks always stay cool and fresh.

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Commercial Fridge Maintenance in Ashford

We can also assist with commercial fridge repairs in Ashford. We know how important it is to have a reliable emergency refrigeration repair service for those in the catering industry.

We have lots of experience in industrial fridge maintenance from walk in fridge repair to cold room maintenance. We can fix commercial refrigerators in Ashford very quickly so your business doesn’t lose out because of a fridge fault.

Commercial freezer maintenance in Ashford is easy for us to do. There is no time to waste when it comes to industrial refrigeration repairs, so we do our best to get to you as quickly as possible.

Our skills in commercial refrigeration repairs and maintenance mean that your restaurant fridge repair or warehouse refrigerator repairs will be simple for us to fix for you.


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