Air Conditioning Installed Without Hot Works

Air conditioning installed without hot works – A major customer consideration when arranging installation or modifying an air conditioning system is the use of hot works (using a naked flame to braze the pipework connections) taking place in your building.

KSL offers a solution allowing the installation works to be undertaken by utilising an industry changing revolutionary press fit system. Amongst its many benefits and advantages of a safer work environment, the system removes the need for naked flames or fumes created by the jointing process, reducing a Health & Safety risks.

The industry standard installation of Airconditioning pipework requires a hot works permit as using a naked flame leads to the need for detailed H&S documentation, fire protection/precautions and the isolation of fire alarms, all causing greater disruption to your already busy day.

The RLS – Zoomlock System

The RLS – Zoomlock system is an industry and leading equipment manufacturer approved by Daikin and Mitsubishielectric

The press system creates a permanent and secure joint designed specifically for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration purposes.

AC without hot works


  • Reliable, repeatable, permanent, tamper-proof connections every time.
  • Reduced installation time allowing a lower overall time and cost.
  • Removal of the need for hot works permits.
  • No need to isolate fire detection sensors.
  • Intrinsically safe – no fire hazard, dangerous materials or fumes created.
  • No unintended damage as a result of heat.

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