Do you require a condition report and validation of your Air-conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems.

We can suggest on how best to improve the energy efficiency of your units so that emissions can be reduced, and environmental damage mitigated.

Our reports can include an assessment of the size and area served by your units and whether they are sufficient, together with their control settings.

Our team can advise on your current compliancy on Fgas compliance, TM44 regulations and EPC ratings.

KSL are fully insured, having trading since the year 2000 for over 20+ years, with ALL our engineers Fgas and Refcom certified.

New installations with manufacturer backed warranties for up to 10 years, based upon KSL undertaking the planned preventive maintenance.

All reports carried out by Kinlochs and Son Limited are compliant with current legislation.

Is your air-conditioning using R22 refrigerant, which is a banned gas, we can identify and confirm.

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Air-conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation validation and condition report service.

Are you just about to purchase a new premises with an existing air conditioning system and want to ensure you don’t take any unnecessary risks?

Is the system functioning correctly, maybe you want to use this factor in your negotiations?

Our Validation and Condition report will give you the answers you need.

Needing to sign up for a full insuring and repairing lease?

KSL can undertake a validation and condition report on your air-conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems.

Are your systems working properly, our Validation and Condition report can give you the answers.

Our qualified engineers have the latest laptop diagnostic capability provided by leading manufacturers.

Allowing in-depth insight and diagnosing of system faults.

Currently awaiting a date for a manufacturer engineer’s attendance, call 01634 290999

Unsure what condition the system on your site is in and need a more informed understanding?

Then our Validation and Condition Report will give you the answers.

Prior to considering relocation of ac system its best and good practice to consider a validation check prior to decommissioning.

No one wishes to decommission and reinstall to then find out that the system is non-operational.

A Validation and Condition report will confirm the operational condition and highlight any issues.

KSL engineers are trained to correctly decommission, reclaim refrigerant gas, and safely remove the old equipment from your premises.

We are licenced waste carriers and issue certification upon completion, allowing you peace of mind.


Are your existing ac systems now obsolete and illegal to work on due to the Refrigerant used?

A Validation and Condition report will give you the answers you need.