Kinlochs and Son Ltd are the number one in Maidstone when it comes to a providing both a reliable and professional air-conditioning and refrigeration service. We deliver our services for commercial air conditioning in addition to domestic air conditioning. From our main headquarters in Rochester it is a very simple job for us to carry out air conditioning installations in Maidstone. Kinlochs and Son Ltd put a huge value in our ability to provide an excellent standard of customer service along with the best possible quality of air conditioning units. We sell and fit a wide ranging selection of different air conditioning systems and we know that no two jobs will be the same, so, we can help you to choose the right air conditioning systems for your needs. For example, Kinlochs could supply you with a silent air conditioning unit or even place an air conditioning unit in your ceiling out of sight, we have it all for you.

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Domestic Air Conditioning in Maidstone

Domestic Air Conditioning (AC) is an incredibly value addition to any Maidstone home. If you don’t currently have any air conditioning in your house then perhaps you have underestimated the flurry of benefits that an air conditioning unit can bring to your house. At Kinlochs and Son Ltd we supply the very best in Domestic AC units to our customers in Maidstone. When buying an AC unit from us, we pledge to make it an easy, hassle-free process, plus every single one of our AC units comes with a guaranteed warranty of over 10 years.

Kinlochs and Son Ltd have a team of locally based, fully-trained experts just a call away to help you with any domestic air conditioning repairs or installation. Air conditioning units bring a wealth of benefits to your home, such as, reducing household odours, therefore, improving the air quality in your home significantly. Furthermore, air conditioning has been scientifically proven to reduce the rate of animal-related allergies by removing these allergens from the air. Maintaining fresh air in your home has become even more important following the Coronavirus pandemic, so there has never been a more fitting time than now to fir a domestic air conditioning unit. Our range of sleek, top-quality Domestic AC units will be a great addition to your home so please get in touch.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning installation in Maidstone is another area of Kinlochs and Son Ltd’s operations. Our goal is to meet every demand you might have for your commercial air conditioning. So, if your business is after a very specific type of air-conditioning unit then the chances are that we will be able to accommodate your requirements. One of the most popular commercial air conditioning units in Maidstone that we supply are AC units disguised into the wall or ceiling. This ensures that your building interior is not blemished by an AC unit, whilst also receiving the advantages that our units bring.

At Kinlochs and Son Ltd we promise that each AC unit in Maidstone that we sell is of the highest possible quality. Everything that KSL install is accompanied by a guarantee and if anything is in need of repairs then our fully qualified local engineers are just a quick call away. We operate with a very flexible schedule so that we don’t impinge upon your own schedule. We believe every businesses based in Maidstone should have commercial air conditioning installed. Just give us a call and we can give you all the information you need about our commercial air-conditioning units in Maidstone.

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Commercial Refrigeration Services Maidstone

Does your restaurant or business need commercial refrigeration installation in Maidstone? Kinlochs and Son Ltd have experience in working with a range of different businesses and industries. We can meet all of your refrigeration needs with our premium quality refrigerator units such as an under counter fridge freezers, drinks display fridge, glass display fridge and large catering fridges.

So if you are on the lookout for a brand new commercial fridge in Maidstone or a clean new industrial fridge in Maidstone, then contact Kinlochs and Son Ltd. We are very experienced in commercial refrigeration installation in Maidstone, so trust us to keep your food and drinks cool.

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Commercial Refrigerator Repairs Maidstone

Kinlochs and Son services also extends to commercial fridge repairs in Maidstone. We know how a broken fridge is an emergency situation for many businesses that rely on them, so we will try to perform fridge repairs in Maidstone as quickly as we possibly can.

Our staff’s expertise and knowledge about industrial fridge repairs is vast, whether it is walk-in fridge repairs in Maidstone to cold room repairs in Maidstone, we can fix it. We repair commercial fridges quickly to make sure it doesn’t impact on your trade.

Commercial fridge freezer repairs in Maidstone is another area of our service. We understand how quickly an industrial fridge needs to be repaired in Maidstone, so you can rely on the speed of our work.

Kinlochs and Son’s knowledge in commercial refrigeration repair in Maidstone goes back many years, which means your refrigerator repairs in Maidstone will be in good and safe hands if you contact Kinlochs and Son Ltd.

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