At Kinlochs and Son Ltd, we pride ourselves on delivering top quality air conditioning and refrigeration services to the Sevenoaks area. Wherever possible, we aim to tailor these services to each individual customer, so you can rest assured that we will do our utmost to meet your needs.

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Domestic Air Conditioning In Sevenoaks

Across the UK, the demand for domestic air conditioning units is rising year on year and this is especially true in Sevenoaks. The reason behind this has been put down to the increase in yearly temperatures, causing individuals to react by cooling their homes.

At Kinlochs and Son Ltd, we are on hand to provide and fit your home with air conditioning units of the highest quality. All these units come with warranties of up to and over ten years so you can rest assured that your interests are well looked after.

We would also like to make you aware that, despite the removal of Covid restrictions, we are still more than happy to wear masks and keep a safe distance if you would like. We want all our customers to feel safe so if this is what it takes, it is no problem to us.

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Commercial Air Conditioning In Sevenoaks

To make your workplace cool and comfortable for your employees, our commercial air conditioning service could be exactly what you need. Our units have already been a hit with numerous Sevenoaks businesses, with many extremely impressed with their quick and efficient cooling ability.

We also consider your office’s aesthetic when designing our commercial air conditioning units. As a result, we are pleased to be able to offer you air conditioning units that can be concealed into walls and ceilings. This option allows you to reap the benefits that our units bring, without compromising on your office’s appearance.

Since your business is likely to be operating in normal office hours, we can fit your unit at a less busy time if you require. This way, none of your working day will be interrupted, allowing your employees to maintain complete concentration.

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Camden Commercial Air Conditioning Unit
Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerators In Sevenoaks

As well as air conditioning, we at Kinlochs and Son Ltd also specialise in refrigeration services. Whatever products you have that need to be stored, we are sure that we can find the perfect refrigerator that caters to these.

We have a wide range of refrigerators available to choose from, such as a fridge freezer or display fridge, just to name a couple. Our fantastic team are also able to install these units for you, making the whole process that much easier.

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Commercial Fridge Maintenance in Sevenoaks

Being refrigerator specialists, we know just how much of a problem it can be if your fridge breaks. To combat this, we offer a fridge maintenance service, where we endeavour to fix any issues that arise in a quick and efficient manner. Failure to find a timely solution can result in a large amount of stock wastage, so here at Kinlochs and Son Ltd, we will always do our best to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

If you would like to know more about our fridge maintenance and other services, please contact us today. We hope to speak with you soon.

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