At Kinlochs and Son Ltd, providing top quality air conditioning and refrigeration services to the Sittingbourne area is at the heart of everything that we do. We also understand that no two customers will have the exact same requirements so whenever we can, we always endeavour to tailor our products to meet specific needs.

So, for the very best air conditioning and refrigeration services in Sittingbourne, get in touch with us today at Kinlochs and Son.

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Domestic Air Conditioning In Sittingbourne

Domestic air conditioning has seen a sizeable increase in demand in recent years. This is not just limited to Sittingbourne either, demand is increasing nationwide. One reason for this may be that, on average, temperatures seem to be increasing year on year so there is now a greater desire for cooler homes.

At Kinlochs and Son, we are able to help meet this demand by supplying and fitting your home with a domestic air conditioning unit that is of the highest quality. Our purchasing process is extremely straightforward as all of our products come with warranties of up to and over ten years, so you can rest assured that you are in the best possible hands.

We also pride ourselves on having an extremely friendly and professional team who will go above and beyond to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our service. This includes fully observing Covid-19 guidelines to ensure that we keep both you and ourselves safe.

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Commercial Air Conditioning In Sittingbourne

Commercial air conditioning is also something that we are really passionate about here at Kinlochs and Son. These types of units help to make the office a much more comfortable place to be which is why they are so popular amongst businesses in Sittingbourne and the rest of the UK.

One of our most popular units is one that can be hidden in ceilings and walls so it does not spoil the office decor. This way you get all the benefits that an air conditioning unit brings without having to compromise on style.

We also appreciate that installing a commercial air conditioning unit during office hours has the potential to disrupt your business. As a result, we are more than happy to install the unit outside of office hours, should that be what you require.

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Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial Refrigerators In Sittingbourne

At Kinlochs and Son, we also provide commercial refrigeration services to businesses in Sittingbourne. We have a wide variety of refrigerators for you to choose from, including display fridges, walk-in fridges and fridge freezers. So, we are pleased to say that you can rely on us to deliver effective and efficient refrigeration services.

Our team are also experienced when it comes to installing refrigerators so we can help you with this too. As a result, if you want a quick and stress-free installation process, we are the business for you.

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Commercial Fridge Maintenance in Sittingbourne

As well as building and fitting your fridges, we also offer fridge maintenance services for when your business really needs it. Whether it’s emergency repairs or general maintenance, we will ensure that our services are quick and effective so that your stock does not go to waste.

If you feel that your business would benefit from this service or any of the other services that we have mentioned above, contact us today.

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