London Comedy Store

London Comedy Store

KSL were appointed by the London Comedy Store to design, supply, install and commission a replacement water chiller installation.

The existing equipment was manufactured by Trane UK and based upon the compact footprint required on this project we selected and proposed a new water chiller by the same manufacturer.

Our engineers undertook the necessary decommission of the equipment together with the reclaiming of refrigerant, the isolation and disconnection of the chilled water pipework.

Mains electrical terminations were safely isolated and disconnected together with the monitoring BMS (building management system) cabling.

The changing of the water chillers involved the arrangements of an out of hour’s crane lift and associated road closure, both of which were organised by KSL.

The replacement works were undertaken outside the clubs opening hours reducing disruption to the clients business.

We modified the existing steelworks and pipework prior to the crane lift in order to reduce downtime for the client.

The new pipework was then pressure tested, flushed and dosed prior to opening up to the building. The trace heating and insulation works completed the installation.

Upon completion the overall installation was commissioned, witnessed and demonstrated to the client, together with the operating and maintenance files, provided as a copy manually and electronically.

We then agreed a bespoke planned preventative maintenance proposal to safeguard the new equipment’s installation warranty.

We were then asked to undertake the replacement of the old beer cooler system and upon completion to sign up to an ongoing maintenance contract to cover all of the buildings mechanical installations.

KSL and The London Comedy Store now enjoy a mutually beneficial working relationship of which we hope to build on in the future.