KSL were commissioned by a well-known London institute to be the main mechanical contractor to supply, install and commission an overall mechanical installation for their ground and lower Soho cooking school. Our works consisted of the management and installation of the air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, and fresh air, gas and plumbing installations.

Mitsubishi Electric VRF air-conditioning units were installed and connected to branch boxes allowing each fan coil simultaneous cooling or heating operation, depending on the unit’s controller setting. The fan coils were a mix of four way blow cassettes and ducted suppliying air via linear and circular diffusers. Each area had its own wall mounted LCD controller allowing temperature, fan speed, mode of operation and on/off adjustment.

Fresh air was supplied by a number of Daikin VAM heat recovery systems, all supplied with supplementary in duct electric heating and controlled by Daikin wall mounted LCD controllers.

KSL installed two mega flow hot water devices together with all pipework and insulation to supply the various sinks and toilet areas, together with the shower areas.

Gas pipework together with individual metering was installed to each requested area allowing a range of different equipment to be installed by the client.

The communications room was supplied with a stand-alone Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted split type air-conditioning system allowing 24h / 365 day temperature control.

Each cooking location was supplied by a fire rated ducted ductwork system connected to the client free issued extraction hoods as agreed.

The requirement for a small cold room became apparent during the project and KSL were tasked with selecting a suitable solution. We subsequently supplied, installed and commissioned a modular cold room complete with internal racking and plastic curtain.

Upon completion the overall installation was commissioned, witnessed and demonstrated to both the projects consultant’s and client, together with the issuing of electronic and hard copies of the operating and maintenance files.

KSL then agreed a bespoke planned preventative maintenance proposal to safeguard the new equipment’s installation extended seven (7) year warranty.

We are now proud to be looking after this client on an ongoing maintenance and technical back up basis.

We were then asked to undertake the replacement of the old beer cooler system and upon completion to sign up to an ongoing maintenance contract to cover all of the buildings mechanical installations.

KSL and The Comedy Store now enjoy a mutually beneficial working relationship of which we hope to build on in the future.