Covid-19 – Returning To Work – Air Conditioning & Ventilation Issues

Covid-19 – Returning To Work – Air Conditioning & Ventilation Issues

With the Government’s statement detailing that we are all able to return to our places of work, the issues surrounding air conditioning and ventilation systems need to be addressed. With many offices being closed for almost 2 years, how do you go about ensuring that your air conditioning and ventilation systems are still up to the required standard?

The Government’s website states that, by law, employers must make sure there’s an adequate supply of fresh air (ventilation) in enclosed areas of the workplace. The pandemic has increased the significance of this tenfold.

Ventilation is extremely important as it helps to reduce how much of the virus is in the air, thus lowering the risk of breathing in Covid-19 particles.

Additionally, air conditioning systems filter the supply of airflow which means that the air filtration systems require cleaning / replacing to maintain efficiency. This can be achieved by sanitising the fan coils and putting a planned program in place to ensure regular inspections / sanitation occurs.

We at Kinlochs and Son Ltd have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate and undertake all the necessary surveys and corrective measures to ensure that your company complies with the safe working conditions that are set out by the Government.

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